Why "Beautiful Chaos?"

I originally coined the phrase "This Beautiful Chaos" back in 2003 on my old diaryland blog. Since then, I've seen "Beautiful Chaos" catch on! It has become a little 'trendy' among my bloggy friends, Facebook fans, and even in my playgroup! :) This makes me really happy, because it shows just how much that my two-word description of family life resonates among mothers of young children.

Why "Beautiful Chaos"?

If you are a mother to young ones, you know exactly what it means... it needs no explanation.

I hope this phrase & my family blog helps young mothers of many see the beauty amid the chaos of busy family life. Things are not "perfect" in our lives, but that's okay. Perfect is boring.

We celebrate fingerprints on the window... it means we have little hands to hold.

We celebrate a stumble over a leaking sippy cup... it means there are tiny lips to kiss.

We celebrate the fact that any chore that used to take 10 minutes now takes 30.

We celebrate the noise, the laughter, the squeals, and spilled milk... they are a joyful noise, a beautiful mess that reflects a busy, happy home... and a mother with full hands and a full heart.

My life? Beautiful Chaos. And I wouldn't have it any other way.