Friday, January 2, 2015

My Itsy Bitsy

Yesterday, we spent just doing chores (mainly my much-larger-job-than-I-anticipated homeschool room redo) and relaxing.  The weather here has been so cold and rainy, all week!  While they would have loved to go play outside, we spent all day inside and bundled up in warm jammies.

Alice found the stash of rainbow mini candy canes, and ate about 10 all together.  I'm always thankful for anything she will willingly eat.  Oh yes... we are still struggling, even after 2 YEARS of feeding therapy and a surgery.  ;)

She is my little ray of sunshine.  I love to hear her sing, and the way she says everything.  I've never had a child her age without already having another baby... it's kind of like she gets to be my itsy bitsy for that much longer than the others did.  She gets to stay our baby.

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