Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Write it on your heart

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."  (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

It was a rough day, from the way I woke up to the way I can't sleep!  The universe just seemed to be working against me today.  I guess everyone has "one of those days" now and then.  They are never very much fun, but its always a chance to stay patient, kind & gentle even when things are hard.  Because anyone can be virtuous when life is easy, right?  ;)

Even on a day like this though, I know I have a wonderful life.  It is an incredible blessing to have my family, be able to homeschool my children, provide them with the basics and so much more, and have a warm place to call home.  I'm so abundantly blessed. 

Even when it means getting out of bed for twenty minutes, I really want to write something here each day.  I used to meticulously record each milestone for my first baby, and did pretty well with my second, and then third.  People told me that the memories and years and babyhoods would start to run together, but I don't think I really accepted that until the last few years. 

Rather than distinct recollections of who walked when or what year it was when we did this or that... it all blurs together in some abstract, beautiful kaleidoscope that I can't quite make sense of... other than to know, I was happy.  Even when I was battling mental illness, or struggling to pay the mortgage, or trying to fit way too many different lives into the one I have... I was happy.

Maybe that's the best kind of memory to have, after all.  :)

And now that I have placed all of that here, I think I can sleep.  Tomorrow is going to be the best day of the year, I've decided.  Each new morning is a new chance to make it so.  

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