Monday, December 1, 2014

Guess Who's Back?

Do you know what I am thankful for? Homeschooling.

Yes, my friends & family... after a LOT of prayer, consideration, and a few professional opinions, we decided that Lucy would be a happier & healthier girl if we went back to homeschooling. She was absolutely thrilled.

This created a domino effect. Much to my SHOCK... Sophie presented a very good case for homeschooling again too, though she was the one who was most vocal about going to public school for the rest of her school career. LOL. She has so many other interests and hobbies that she wanted to spend her time on, instead of finishing her work in each class and then reading/drawing until the next one. She is so bright, even the Pre-AP class schedule wasn't challenging enough for her. And being the extremely mature young lady she is, she couldn't believe that her classmates act like a bunch of... gasp... KIDS. ;) So now she is happily working through her school day in advanced courses at home, and spending the rest of her time pursuing all of those other things that make her heart sing.

Next, Isabella begged to follow suit. She just loves to be with us, and how could I say no? She needs some extra help on spelling, but is ahead in other areas... so it is best for her to have a custom-tailored curriculum as well. And Ben... he is such an easy-going guy, he'd be happy anywhere. But he decided that he didn't want to be at school "alone."

So there you have it. I'm not teaching a co-op and I'm not scheduling photography sessions at this time, so our days are actually very manageable. I love our little family, and this path of education is the best fit for us. We are using an eclectic mix of homeschooling materials, loosely following MODG but I prefer more intensive science & math, so we are following different methods there. They have PE at the Y three days a week, and monthly field trips. They have private voice lessons, and swim classes. They are also VERY involved in dance several hours a week, as well as acting classes and performing company at our local theater.

We are so, so happy. It's like coming home after a very long and hard journey.

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