Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 1

Why a Christmas photo?  Because I haven't posted it yet, of course.  ;)

Hello, blog.  I've been way too busy this month, cooking everything from scratch, getting strep throat followed by a kidney infection, being overwhelmed with my jobs (homeschooling/teaching/photography), and still grieving my sweet baby to be online much.  But I do like to write here when I think about it and have a moment.  It's important to me.

Our meal plan has been really, really hard.  And then I got sick.  So... it hasn't been perfect.  Life demanded that we re-evaluate.  We are sticking to gluten-free, especially because my darling Ben has DEFINITELY had immediate, very unpleasant reactions to grain.  It runs in Adam's family, and I think he definitely has Celiac's disease.  We also have done completely away with preservatives, dyes, and MSG,  We aren't eating soy, and only WHOLE corn... not HFCS.  But we are eating dairy.  I think it will get easier when I am not working away form home anymore.

I had the wonderful experience this weekend of attending the Houston Catholic Women's Conference as their photographer... I even got a name badge.  ;)  I saw so many old friends, and even met a couple of new ones.

By far, the most wonderful thing about the day was that I got to talk with a priest about Blaise.  They had Confessions set-up, and I ended up getting a mini counseling session for a good 20 minutes.  I poured my heart out about what I've been thinking and feeling, and I got some very good advice, and prayer, and peace.  It hurts, and it will always hurt.  But talking with Father was very healing.

My body is still so out of whack, hormonally and with all the sinus/respiratory stuff.  I have another appointment tomorrow, and I am honestly dreading it.  Sometimes, I think I am just too broken to be fixed!  But I am praying I can be well.  I have been feeling SO much better in the last 2 months than I've felt in the previous 2 years.  

Today was hard, and it isn't really even worth getting into here.  But I will simply say, that for every time I surprised by how careless & cruel some people can be... I am equally surprised & comforted by how amazing, loving, compassionate & supportive others can be.  I have some really, really good friends.


thetysonfamily said...

HUGS!!!!! <3

I sure do love and miss you. I think of you and your precious babies, ALL of them, EVERY day. I am so thankful we will be reunited ALL together one day, Lerin!!!


Brandi said...

I understand that "too broken to be fixed" feeling. I have had migraines almost daily for 18 months. They don't know what's causing it and therefore don't know how to fix it! Praying that the Healer will fix us where the doctors cannot.