Thursday, February 13, 2014

February 13th

Everything looks a little better through clean windows.  :)

Mama of Many Tip:  When a child asks to clean, let him clean.  It doesn't matter if it is perfectly done or conveniently timed.  Take advantage of the help while they are offering.  ;)  Make sure you tell them how much you appreciate the help.

We've been doing a lot of cleaning.  When I am feeling sad or angry (which I have had a lot of lately) I just get to work.  The house is looking better by the day.  

Since my parents are still here, Adam & I had the opportunity to sneak off for a pre-Valentine's Day date.  We always have a lot of fun together.  I'm really proud of how he is doing at work.  I know this new position means he has a lot more responsibility... it takes away some of his flexibility and involves much more frequent travel... but the raise is much-needed.  

It's nice to feel appreciated, no matter how old you are.  :)  

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