Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More BIG Changes!

Hello dear world.  I can't believe it has been so long since I updated my little blog.

LOTS and LOTS of changes, which seems to be the only thing that stays the same for my family.  ;)

We moved to a new home, a home of our own, this summer.  We are busy making it homey.  I have unpacked about 1/3 of our things, and the other 2/3 are still in boxes in the closet and garage.  I keep being tempted to donate it all without opening it.  ;)  I really hate clutter, but time is always hard to find these days.

I signed on a studio lease in June this year, and it has been amazing!  I love having my own business address.  ;)  I also started teaching Mamarazzi 101 classes there, and it is almost more fun than doing actual child photography!  Almost.  I get to snack and talk with fellow moms about photography, and they actually pay to listen to me talk about my favorite hobby!  Hehe!  I am not sure where teaching this will take me, but it has been wonderful and I have gotten great reviews so far.

Just a few weeks after signing on my studio, we made the radical decision to join up with Regina Caeli Academy.  This is a hybrid Catholic school, where the children go to class on campus Mondays and Thursdays, and homeschool on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Fridays.  It is perfect for me, in that I have the support and structure I need to keep my sanguine flighty personality on-task BUT I still have my babies home with me.  The kids get to have social time, PE, Art, Music and Drama as well, and I love starting the day out with Mass!

To pay for this fabulous opportunity, I am now the second grade teacher at RCA.  That has also been wonderful.  My degree is in Education; Early Childhood was my focus!  I even did my student teaching in second grade.  Bella was the one who begged incessantly to home school, so she loves it that she is in Mommy's class.  I love my precious class of kids.  They really are great.  Alice gets to stay with me, though I have been gently encouraging the nursery, and the kids also love having her as our class mascot.  ;)

Alice has graduated from two out of three physical therapies! She is now eating soft foods like yogurt, ice cream, noodles, and puddings.  She is walking like a pro, and her motor skills are catching up.  Her vocabulary exploded since her surgery for adenoids/ear tubes too!  We are so proud of our adorable little girl.  We need prayers for her to continue to overcome her moderate case of anemia.

Lucy is still in the PPCD program with our school district.  While it breaks my heart to kiss her goodbye for the school day, I know we are doing what is best for her right now.  She is thriving at school!  Her fine motor skills are still significantly delayed but with help from the school and her occupational therapist, she is doing great.  Diagnosis is still ongoing... we may never have 'answers' but right now, I don't really care.  She is doing great and we love her enough to fight for every milestone!  :)

Ben is growing up so fast!  My adorable little man is still Mr. Personality and really loves people.  He is the little politician, that kid can truly work a crowd.  I love to watch him, and hear his funny little stories.

Bella is thriving in this new education structure.  She is so happy every day, and such a diligent student.  She loves doing her work, and loves to learn.  She gets the giggles rather easily and is my most sensitive child.

Sophie is really loving her new class.  She is in 6th grade now, and doing very well.  The only thing that is rough for her is Latin.  She gets easily frustrated because she is used to success in school coming so effortlessly to her.  I think it is good for her to have a challenge.  ;)  She said the group of kids is the nicest she has ever met.  I'm also the drama teacher in the afternoons for 3rd-6th grade, and I love seeing her with her gaggle of girlfriends.

Adam and I joined a new Teams of Our Lady group.  We really love the time together and closeness with like-minded couples.  We are trying SO HARD to be a prayerful, purposeful family.  Teams helps us to focus those goals.

In the midst of the busy-ness, I have to say that I'm actually more at peace than I can remember in years.  God is moving in my life and meeting my every need.  I am continually amazed by His love.  I've come through a rather difficult several of years of untreated depression and spiritual dryness, and I can't put into words just how truly blessed I am to be on the other side of it.  All things are possible with Christ.

Life is not easy.  I have a lot of work to do each day, and it is hard work & long work.  Sometimes it is amazingly rewarding, and sometimes, it is very draining.  But I truly believe that my path in life was one the Love chose for me, to help me get closer to God and to find joy in all circumstances.  I have a wonderful life.

So, there is a catch-up of our last year.  How are you?