Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The days are long, but the years are short.

Another summertime favorite.
"The days are long, but the years are short."

I don't remember where I first heard that phrase, but it has stayed with me ever since.  Today was definitely one of those days where it popped into my head several times.

I started the day by getting my sweet Lucy out of bed (or, as it is in our house these days "off of couch") and waiting for the bus with her.  There was a minor meltdown over the unfairness of the big kids not going to school ,and her having to go... the big kids are on Fall Break.  Lucy is enrolled in special education at the public school.

After that, I put Alice in the tub and she had the whole thing to herself.  ;)  She got to play with Lucy's mermaids... or as she calls them... "La-La"s.  It comes from Ariel's song in the movie... "Laaaa laa laa, Laaa la la..."  SO cute.  She has expanded La-La to every princess and Barbie now.

Alice had her well check this morning, and they want to do another blood test to check on her anemia levels.  Last time we checked, it was 8.2.  I hope it has gone up!  I actually really enjoyed it, because thanks to my mom, I had one-on-one time with her there.  I filled out her paperwork, and then she wanted to fill out some paperwork too.  ;)

After that, I picked up Lucy and we headed to therapies.  Lucy is in occupational therapy for fine motor delay and sensory issues.  Alice is still in feeding therapy with a speech language pathologist.  I really like both therapists, and everyone there is wonderful.  If you are looking for a pediatric therapy center in Houston, message me for more info!

Lucy was so proud of her prize from Treasure Box at school.  After 20 days of making good choices, she got to visit the Treasure Box and found the perfect, noisy bead/drum paddle thing.  I know they have a name, but I don't know what it is.  ;)  It is a "Sensational Kids" brand toy and she has named it and carried it around all day like a baby doll.

Next, I dropped off the little ones at Meme's house and dashed to an appointment at the allergist for Sophie and I.  Sophie may have developed a peanut allergy and needs testing.  :(  It turns out, I don't actually even have asthma but I have been SO sick for going on 7 months now with a chronic sinus infection and bronchitis.  I had to have a CT scan which showed my sinus cavities nearly completely full of fluid.  It is so bad, it is making my whole body sick.  We have a three week treatment plan and I am hoping that it clears up once and for all, and I can be healthy again!  I have way too many things to do to be sick and unable to breathe all the time.

I was gone literally ALL DAY LONG between all the hours of driving and waiting rooms.  All day.  But I can tell you... I am so, so thankful for our wonderful insurance and that we have so many great healthcare providers and therapists for our many needs.  We are very blessed.

I am so, so tired.  I am off to bed, if I can get Lucy settled down for the night.  My poor girl has had so much trouble with sleeping recently.  I need to make a mental note of that for her appointment next week!


thetysonfamily said...

What a day!! So glad you got all that taken care of. I love you!!! <3

brettincasie said...

Lerin I'm so happy you're blogging again! I know you're so busy as is evidenced by this particular post but I do very much enjoy hearing about you guys' day-to-day lives. Miss you and love you so much!