Saturday, October 5, 2013


Oh boy... did I pay for our nice night out!  I woke up around 1 AM and was violently ill all night.  At one point, I was laying on the floor just outside of the bathroom door, because I didn't have the strength to run back and forth anymore.  Yikes!  I was mostly okay again by this afternoon.  Tired and dehydrated, and very upset to have had to cancel all of my photography sessions today, but otherwise much better.

I spent the whole day in bed or on the couch with a bottle of water and Netflix.  Adam took three of the kids to a bazaar.  Sophie stayed at Victoria's all day, and Alice went to play at Meme & Poppy's house while I recovered at home.

Random cuteness:  Lucy told me she wants to be an 'ice cream girl' when she grows up.  She wants to drive an ice cream truck, and make ice cream and popsicles.  She said she would give them to everybody, because it will make them happy.  Awww!

When everyone was back again around 8-ish, we had Family Movie Night and watched "The Neverending Story."  SO many memories!  Wow.

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thetysonfamily said...

I'm singing the song....memories, indeed!