Friday, October 4, 2013

Let's Go, Dynamo!

My hot date.

I'm terrible at selfies.

I am really sleepy, so I will make this quick!  :)

Our morning started with Lucy's silent "stiff as a board" tantrum.  She refuses to get dressed or to walk, or to do anything, really.  Just resists silently by locking her arms and refusing to cooperate.  I remained very patient, and told her that I was sorry she didn't feel like getting dressed this morning, but the bus would be picking her up shortly and she was getting on whether she was dressed or not. I then walked away.  About 10 minutes later, she showed up in the kitchen with her clothes on, asking for breakfast.  :D  She did the same "stiff as a board" thing to the bus assistant this morning, which was new for them.  That girl!

After that, we did some chores and I worked more on the I Bambini images.  It was only a half-day at school, so after a couple of hours, Lucy was home again.  The kids all played Mario Party on the Wii, and I finished up my work for the day.  Alice was asking for "Poppy, Meme, Punkins" all day.  ;)  She started saying something that sounded like "Column."  It took me a bit to figure it out, but once she put her hand up to her ear and said, "Phone.  Call 'em." I got it.  She was very pleased for having communicated so well with mommy.  :)  

Everyone got ready and Sophie packed a bag to stay overnight with her best friend, Victoria.  I dropped the four little ones at Meme & Poppy's house, where Alice was delighted AND a little scared by the "punkins."  Then I took Sophie to her friend's house and headed off to do some errands.

My last stop was a Walgreen's.  I was shocked by how expensive all of my medications are, even with great insurance.  No wonder we are broke all the time!  ;)  After picking up the things I needed, I went to the van and it wouldn't start.  Thanking God that my Daddy was able and willing to come jump it for me.  :)  I just played on Facebook until he arrived, and kicked myself for not being lazy and using the drive through today.

Finally home to a QUIET house, I returned several phone calls.  I only got to three out of seven, but it's progress!  I talked with a woman who I am going to be working with on an international project, that will help Catholic children with issues like Lucy's to prepare for their Sacraments.  I am SO excited to be their photographer, and still can't believe how "legit" this makes me feel.  Haha!

Finally, I got ready for my date night.  Adam and I had a nice time reconnecting before the Dynamo game.  We had SO MUCH FUN and laughed a lot, as always.  The game was very exciting, and we won!  There was lots of jumping and dancing and cheering... and on Adam's part, even some singing.

We picked up our four sleeping babies and tucked them all in tight at home.

We are so, so blessed.  Thankful for my parents being in town and so willing to help... thankful for my darling babies, especially my funny Lucy who keeps every morning interesting... thankful for my best friend Adam and his wonderful way of taking care of me.  I don't know why I have been given so much, but I try my best to deserve it.

Will check in tomorrow, sweet sisters!  :) 

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thetysonfamily said...

I just got the message via FB that you have food poisoning....:( So sad, especially after such a long, good day! Praying for you now!!! <3