Thursday, October 3, 2013

Better Late than Never?

I woke up at approximately 7:43 AM this morning, which is about 15 minutes late for the bus.  Crazily enough, every single one of my five kiddos was sleeping in too!  Yikes.  Rushing around is not the ideal way to start your day.  ;)  We got Lucy to school a little late... after listening to a full blown tantrum about not liking school anymore because "Table Time" is boring... then I picked up a vanilla chai latte to jolt myself awake.

We had a playdate this morning with Miss Jackie.  Ben had so much fun playing with borrowed brothers, and you can see Alice snuggled up to Sedona on the swing there.  I had to snap a quick image on my phone... it was too cute to pass up.

After our playdate, we had a day of much-needed rest at home.  I worked on some images for a commercial project, and the kids played around the house.  Lucy came downstairs in full Cinderella attire, and she even painted her fingernails.  When I asked the big girls who left out the nail polish (it is usually on a shelf that is too high for anyone but the oldest to reach), they both assured me it wasn't them.  "Nobody" strikes again!  I need to get myself a "Nobody" trap, because "Nobody" is driving me nuts lately.  ;)

Adam was my personal hero for stopping at the grocery store on the way home, picking up my meds AND cooking dinner.  I don't know what we would do without him!

I was scheduled to photograph an event today, and I can't say I am sad that it was cancelled!  I really need to catch up on rest and post-processing.  I also realized about  weeks ago that signing a lease on my studio was probably one of the more impulsive things I have done recently.  I blame the steroids I was on all summer for the breathing issues.  I was on the brink of full-blown mania for awhile!  I like my partner, and I like the location... and having a studio really makes me feel 'fancy.'  ;)  But it isn't what I *really* want.  What I really want is to be a wife who takes care of my home, a mom who takes care of my children, and a child of God who really knows Him.  Photography often gets in the way of that.  I am trying.  I don't think it is a 'balance.'  I think you really just have to make a decision about what is most important, and stick with it.  I need the extra income, but I can't let it take over my family life again.  I'm taking the whole month of December off, and am really looking forward to the break.

Three days in a row, Brettin & Lindsay!  Thanks for checking in.  :)

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thetysonfamily said...

You go, sista! ;)

I love you.

Yes--remember we only get one what is truly important to you!! Cheering you on, as always!! <3