Sunday, October 6, 2013

Beautiful Day

I want to remember today.  Maybe I will forget all the little details, but  I want to remember the feeling of today.

We had a cold front, finally, and the weather felt like Houston fall.  :)  It was perfect!  Adam fired up the grill and the kids played outside.  Alice was right there with them... running back and forth, following the soccer ball.  :)  I loved to see her little legs running after her older brother & sisters.  She is really growing up fast.

After dinner, I gave Lucy & Alice their bath.  There is nothing sweeter than a lotioned, clean baby all snuggled up in a towel in my arms.  Alice does keep trying to drink the bathwater and turn the faucet back on... and Lucy does shout "NO!" when it is time to wash her hair... but all in all, it is my favorite time of the day.

I love my sweet family... my amazing husband & adorable kids.  :)

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thetysonfamily said...

"I want to remember today. Maybe I will forget all the little details, but I want to remember the feeling of today." This is beautiful...I know exactly what you mean!! Oh, I wish I were there to enjoy fall with you. xoxo