Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Day Challenge

Another favorite from this summer.

I am challenging myself to 31 days of blogging.  Why?  Well, I have to start somewhere.  ;)  I really want to get back in the habit.  :)  It won't be interesting to anyone who isn't family, and maybe not even them... but I will be so glad I did. 

We are on Fall Break from homeschooling and Regina Caeli Academy this week.  I have crammed the last two days full of every appointment we have been putting off.  ;)  Tomorrow is more of the same.  We get a break after that.

We started out the day with a trip to the pediatric dentist.  Alice had her first check-up, which was pretty adorable.  She climbed right up in the chair, and babbled away to the hygienist.  "Chawe!" she shouted proudly.  That is, until the hygienist put on her mask and gloves.  Alice immediately decided this was not her thing after all, and it was time that Mama intervened.  I had to hold her while her teeth were examined and cleaned.  She wasn't so happy about that.  ;)

Lucy, my special baby girl, had a very difficult time as usual.  She is terrified of the dentist.  :(  She truly thinks it hurts.  Her anxiety is over-the-top for things like this.  I am just glad it is over for another six months!  No cavities this time, and the work she had done on her two front teeth last year still looks great.  :)

Ben was as charming, funny, and chatty as ever.  He had FOUR cavities though!  FOUR!!  We have to have them taken care of next week.  Poor little guy has no idea what's coming.

Bella did a wonderful job... now that she is an almost-8-year-old, she is very cooperative.  :)  She also had no cavities.  

Sophie was my little right-hand woman today.  Her appointment is at the regular place next week.  She is so mature and takes initiative to help with the little ones.  I suppose that's what most oldest children of large families do... but, I am so very proud of her.  :)  

A little camera-phone goodness.
After the dentist, we went to pick up the girls' brand new glasses.  Sophie picked a red frame for her fourth prescription, and Bella picked a pink frame for her very first pair of glasses.  Bella is SO PROUD of them.  She has been so excited to get them in.  

We spent the afternoon at Meme and Poppy's house, and then I took Bella in for her well-check and Ben to his follow-up for the growth issues.  Bella looks great, and Ben actually gained weight for the first time since he was 4.  :)  Since May, he has put on 7 pounds.  Dr. J told me to keep doing what we are doing.  Ben promised her he would keep eating vegetables and saying 'More please!" at dinner do he can be as big as Captain America one day.  ;)

I took the kids to McDonald's (a bribe for Lucy to let the dentist look in her mouth) and that was rough.  The kids enjoyed playing on the playspace, but my Lucy struggled to play appropriately with the other kids.  Her feelings were very hurt by two girls around the age of 6, I would guess.  They were being just plain mean to her.  It is so hard to see your child be rejected because of their differences, but my Sophie came to the rescue and played with her.  I'm so thankful that she has such a considerate and kind big sister.

The end of the day didn't go so well.  Lucy had a difficult evening with some meltdowns, and I had a full-blown asthma attack.  I am going to the allergist tomorrow, hopefully going to figure out this awful thing I have been dealing with for four months now!  I can't wait to breathe like a normal person again.  :)

This evening, I am working hard on some photos for a new commercial client and having a lot of fun!  I try to work only at night when the kids are in bed.  It isn't easy, but I just don't want them to see me on the computer all the time.

So, I got the homeschooling thing down and chore chart system is going fairly well.  Now, I am going to focus on my health this month.  Taking care of myself with the right food, rest, and exercise... I can't be the woman I need to be for my family if I am not healthy.  God, please help me.  

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thetysonfamily said...

I miss you on your blog so much when you don't have time to write! <3 I loved the post...thank you, Lerin! :) Keep trying to pace yourself. No mom is capable of "doing it all" without losing something...and for you, your health will continue to decline if you stay up all night to get it all done. I love you and am praying and cheering for you, Lerin...ALWAYS!!!! <3 xoxo