Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Family Photo

This poor neglected little blog!

So what's new with us?  Since last time I posted, we had a family photo session by Kiss the Moon Photography and this is our sneak peek.  I'm in love and can't wait to see it on my wall on a huge canvas.  This photo is the very definition of Beautiful Chaos,  :)

We have had our little Lucy go through some evaluations and we have some diagnoses.  She has her ARD meeting this week, and starts the PPCD (Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities) through our school district soon.  We still need to get some testing done for other possible issues.  I am a dog with a bone right now... not dropping it until I have everything she needs.

As for me, I have another ultrasound (and hopefully NOT another biopsy) on my thyroid this week.  Please keep me in your prayers!  It's a scary thing to be on cancer-watch, no matter how curable this kind usually is.

I keep having grand plans to revamp the blog and make it a regular record of our family life.  But as the mother of five children, Facebook has become my blog now.  One day I will get it back.  Until then, I am busy being the best wife and the best mom these people have ever had.  ;)