Monday, July 30, 2012

Not The Worst, Not the Best... but Good Enough! :)

Thank you so much for praying for me!  The biopsy result: "Suspicious biopsy, showing a follicular adenoma. Though usually benign, up to 20% of these nodules are found ultimately to be cancerous." 

I have to have another biopsy in a month. Boo.

It's not the best case scenario, but DEFINITELY not bad either. :) Going to bask in some sweet relief now.


Nancy said... least you know what you're dealing with...for the most part. You should bask in the deserve it. It WILL BE OK, no matter what the next biopsy shows.

Oh, and one more thing... STAY OFF THE INTERNET!! ;0)

Blessings to you, Lerin. You're staying on my prayer list!!

Lerin said...

Thank you for your prayers! And you sound like Adam... he has made me promise to NOT Google anything about thyroids, adenomas, or biopsies for the next month. LOL! Too much information can be a bad thing. I trust my doctor and will let him handle this. ;)

Anonymous said...

Lerin, glad the news isn't terrible, but I will keep praying for you and your health. Isn't a mom of five supposed to get a free pass on her health?? I don't know if you read, but Grace is a super funny mommy blogger who beat thyroid cancer and is on the medication now. Maybe you could check her out for inspiration and ask her any questions you have :)

Integrator said...

Ask the cytologist to use afirma tested over the collected samople.

Jackie said...

Thanks for stopping by our family blog! :) Your kids are adorable, and I love their names!

Thinking of you, and hoping you receive great news at your next biopsy.

Lindsey said...

Thanks for stoping by my blog. I hope you are feeling well. Your children are so adorable!

Pete, Ali, Charlie and Rosie said...

Hi - thanks for your message on Charlie's blog! He loves to get comments from new visitors. So sorry to hear about your thyroid issues - have bookmarked your blog and will check back to see how you're doing. Hope your next biopsy gives good news x

Skirts From That Other Blog said...

Hey Pie ~ I haven't been on MWOP much lately. It's still the same crap/different day. MckIck is still living the good life despite giving so many people/businesses the shaft. Don't know how she continues to get away with it. Anyway, was wondering how you are doing with your thyroid stuff (if I may ask)? My MIL is finally having hers removed next week. I hope it won't be too uncomfortable of a recovery process but I'm sure she will be sore. She didn't want me to tell her about your biopsy experience, but in the end it didn't matter because her doctor said the thyroid needs to come out and they will biopsy it then. Seems he may have done her a big favor by not having her undergo that process. Hope you're doing okay. Oh, and if you don't want to talk about your thyroid, that's totally cool. Have just been thinking of you.