Friday, June 15, 2012


Sophie had her second VBS experience, while Bella & Ben enjoyed their first.  These kids had a BLAST at VBS and couldn't wait for each new day.  They were all very sad to see it end.

Every morning, we listened to their VBS CD on the way, and they were so cute singing in the car and doing their hand-motions.  They all met in a big group and sang their hearts out before they split into their individual "flight crews."  They all made friends rather quickly and enjoyed the yummy snacks.

Friday wrapped up with a slide show and FABULOUS pictures of my cuties.  It was so fun to see them all dancing, playing, and truly enjoying their time at VBS.

Are we going next year?  YES!  Do we intend to try to register for another parish's VBS in a few weeks?  Yes to that too!  ;)

(And were these photos Sophie's idea?  YES!  So where is the smile?  I don't know.  Hehe!)

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