Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Break Begins

Last day of school, June 2012
The blog has had to wait, because between the end of school celebrations and graduations and activities... I haven't had a whole lot of time to myself.  :)

Today was our first day of Project Summer Fun.  I squeezed in a workout WITH Sophie (Family Bodyjam!) after a really crazy morning trying to get everyone fed, cleaned, dressed, and out the door. We dashed home for a quick lunch and a shower, and then it was off to the library to sign up for the Summer Reading Program and enjoy a special event for the big kids.  Sophie wasn't so impressed with the show and of course, Bella must share all opinions with her fabulously cool big sis, but I think Ben enjoyed it. 

Next, we ran some errands and filled out paperwork for VBS next week... but we are after the May 31 deadline, so we're on the waiting list.  Oops!

Finally, Ben had his very first hip-hop class.  He just LOVES to dance, but ballet wasn't all he hoped it would be.  ;)  He has a really young, cool instructor who is a recording artist too.  Ben was very impressed.  But he kept waving at me through the window every five minutes and getting in trouble, so I had to go hide for the sake of the class. 

I barely had dinner started when Adam came in and took over, while I put Alice to bed.  She was quite put-out by the day's schedule and refused to nap in protest.  Note to self: planning more than ONE thing each day is not a good idea.  Thanks to Mr. Fantastic, taco night was a success.

I just love having all of the kids home.  My heart wants to try homeschooling again, but my brain knows that things are best left as they are for now.  :) I do hope we are making up for last year's miserable summer though!

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