Saturday, June 16, 2012

Black and White

Lucy is so beautiful to this Mommy's eyes, that I have to just run for my camera several times each day.  She doesn't always let me photograph her, but when she does... oh, she is so fun!

While Lucy was in an agreeable mood, I got her to pose with my Dad.  Called "Poppy," Lucy has him wrapped around her little finger.  My Dad loves babies more than anyone else I've ever met, I think!  When he is here, he likes to have at least one of them in his lap at all times.  

As my family and friends know, my Daddy is sick.  His liver and heart aren't going to last as long as I wish they would.  Please keep praying for him to stay as healthy as possible.  I tease him a lot, but I love him even more.  And so do my kiddos!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Sophie had her second VBS experience, while Bella & Ben enjoyed their first.  These kids had a BLAST at VBS and couldn't wait for each new day.  They were all very sad to see it end.

Every morning, we listened to their VBS CD on the way, and they were so cute singing in the car and doing their hand-motions.  They all met in a big group and sang their hearts out before they split into their individual "flight crews."  They all made friends rather quickly and enjoyed the yummy snacks.

Friday wrapped up with a slide show and FABULOUS pictures of my cuties.  It was so fun to see them all dancing, playing, and truly enjoying their time at VBS.

Are we going next year?  YES!  Do we intend to try to register for another parish's VBS in a few weeks?  Yes to that too!  ;)

(And were these photos Sophie's idea?  YES!  So where is the smile?  I don't know.  Hehe!)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's That Time...

My first child ate everything... no sweat. At age two, she loved steamed veggies, ate tomatoes, and gobbled up salads. There weren't any mealtime battles. I simply ate healthy foods, and served Sophie what we were having. At 10, she is still a healthy eater. Broccoli is her favorite food.

I was convinced I had done something right, and told my friends that their picky eaters would be fine as long as they just served them what the whole family was eating. As only a first time mom can do... I knew just enough to be dangerous, and thought all children were like my Sophie. Ha! My second and third children were so painfully picky, that tears of frustration were a regular part of dinnertime! ;) They still have a really rough time eating veggies.

Thank GOD for Lucy, who is also a great eater. Mom needed a break from mealtime battles.

Though I obviously didn't learn my lesson about one-size-fits-all parenting advice... because Lucy is determined to keep me on my toes when it comes to potty training.

With my first three kiddos, I just waited until they turned three or near enough, and let them choose some really fantastic undies with their favorite characters.  Then, when we ran out of diapers, I just didn't buy more.  I only took a week or so for each kid to get the hang of using the potty.  No tears, no stress... just making it a natural part of the day.

Lucy?  Oh boy.  Lucy has decided that she will NOT ever use the potty.  In fact, I quote:  "NOOOO!  I not sit on the potty!  I pee pee in diapers!  Gimme diaper!"


So we have pulled out the bribe of the century... pink marshmellows.  She has, so far, gotten two of them for two sucessful potty trips.  But this is not going to be easy.

Dear Every Mom I Have Ever Given Advice To On This Subject,
I am sorry. What works for one does NOT work for all. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Swimmers

When Mimi took the big kids to the pool, Lucy had a tummy bug ad had to stay behind with Mama.  She was so sad!  So I set up her own little water-play area.  

Goodness, I love this kid!

Hoping for no more tummy troubles tomorrow, so we can join the big kids at the big pool too!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Fun: Week 2

Lucy, striking a hilarious pose!

My prayers are with another Lucy today.  This little sweetheart is fighting for her life, and her mother is so inspiring.

Our first week of Summer Fun ended up with five exhausted babies and one exhausted mama!  Hehe.  We will be slowing it down around here.  I think I was a little TOO excited to pack in a whole summer's worth of fun in a single week.

This week, the kids are going to VBS.  So far, they love it!  They are singing songs, doing crafts, eating snacks, watching skits, and most importantly... learning more about our faith.

I am really happy.  Just absolutely content with everything in my life.  I am still endeavoring to write here daily about our family adventures... a scrapblog, if you will.  But I am putting first things first, and it feels amazing.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Break Begins

Last day of school, June 2012
The blog has had to wait, because between the end of school celebrations and graduations and activities... I haven't had a whole lot of time to myself.  :)

Today was our first day of Project Summer Fun.  I squeezed in a workout WITH Sophie (Family Bodyjam!) after a really crazy morning trying to get everyone fed, cleaned, dressed, and out the door. We dashed home for a quick lunch and a shower, and then it was off to the library to sign up for the Summer Reading Program and enjoy a special event for the big kids.  Sophie wasn't so impressed with the show and of course, Bella must share all opinions with her fabulously cool big sis, but I think Ben enjoyed it. 

Next, we ran some errands and filled out paperwork for VBS next week... but we are after the May 31 deadline, so we're on the waiting list.  Oops!

Finally, Ben had his very first hip-hop class.  He just LOVES to dance, but ballet wasn't all he hoped it would be.  ;)  He has a really young, cool instructor who is a recording artist too.  Ben was very impressed.  But he kept waving at me through the window every five minutes and getting in trouble, so I had to go hide for the sake of the class. 

I barely had dinner started when Adam came in and took over, while I put Alice to bed.  She was quite put-out by the day's schedule and refused to nap in protest.  Note to self: planning more than ONE thing each day is not a good idea.  Thanks to Mr. Fantastic, taco night was a success.

I just love having all of the kids home.  My heart wants to try homeschooling again, but my brain knows that things are best left as they are for now.  :) I do hope we are making up for last year's miserable summer though!