Friday, May 11, 2012

What Extended Breastfeeding REALLY Looks Like

Photo Copyright 2012 by Kelly Garvey,

Dear Time Magazine,
Mission Accomplished.  Your cover has gone viral and has stirred up all the controversy you were hoping for.  You incited both side of the Mommy Wars with your ridiculous "Are You Mom Enough?" challenge.  Shame on you.

My friend Cathy just posted the following answer on her Facebook page:

It bears repeating:  Yes, I am Mom Enough to Choose what is best for my family.  I am Mom Enough to raise healthy, happy children, 
Your cover photo is just plain gross.  Not because there is a three-year-old on his mother's breast... not because you "showed too much."  It's because you didn't show ENOUGH,  Your didn't show what attachment parenting and extended nursing REALLY looks like.  It is intimate.  Gentle touches, low lights, lots of cuddling... it is intimate and natural and beautiful.  How sad that your photographer didn't capture the real image of extended nursing, and instead, made it a staged, awkward parody.
I am so proud of my fellow moms, who have seen this cover for what it is and have absolutely refused to participate in another round of Mommy Wars. 
As we celebrate Mother's Day this weekend, I hope moms continue to support one another in making the choices that work best for their individual families.  We are ALL "extreme" mothers, because motherhood calls us to EXTREME LOVE!
Read a much more uplifting article for breastfeeding moms:  I Will Not Nurse You Forever


Neen said...

I love that response. Why does our current society think that they need tell everyone else how to live their lives. Can't we build each other up and not tear each other down.

Christina Anglum said...

Well said Lerin.

Kate Wicker said...

This post rocks just like you and how wonderful that I posted a new post with the same title. What was missing from Time mag's absurd depiction of extended breastfeeding was LOVE!!!

Nurse on, beautiful mama. Happy Mother's Day!

Tia the Baker said...

hi lerin, happy mother's day! i loved the "i will not nurse you forever" story. thanks for sharing. take care. love, tia