Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weighty Wednesday

I've been working really hard at losing weight since March.  Since I am nursing, I am taking it super slow and doing it the natural way.  I am just counting calories and exercising.  I hit the 20lbs lost mark and was so excited!  20 lbs feels like I am 'really' on my way to getting fit again.

However, we spent the last two weeks dealing with a sick baby in the hospital followed by strep throat for me... so... I'm afraid it is back to just 17 lbs lost.  Tomorrow, I will be back at the gym with my amazing trainer Mariana and get this ball rolling in the right direction again. 

It really is the hardest thing I have ever done, but it is way past time for me to be healthy and happy again!


Tara said...

Any suggestions on how to lose weight without effecting milk supply? I'm expecting my second little girl, and since my two will only be 13 months apart I feel like I never got my body back! I'm eager to get healthy and fit again after #2 arrives, but I'm terrified about having supply issues! My first stopped nursing at 9 months when my already-struggling supply dropped with the new pregnancy. I'm determined to make it much longer this time.

Lerin said...

Hi Tara!

My best advice is to take it slow! Breastfeeding is VERY important to me personally, so I would rather carry some extra weight for a year or two than have my milk supply suffer! I dropped my weight in four months with my second, and by six months, my milk was gone. SO I have learned to be patient. ;)

It is just simple math right now for me... calories in, calories out. Breastfeeding requires 300-500 extra calories per day, so I am aiming for 1800 calories a day plus 30 minutes of cardio to lose about 1-2 lbs per week. I read that breastfeeding moms should aim for 1 lb per week to protect milk supply.

Good luck!