Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We found the key-logging virus on my mom's computer.  The hacker got my passwords from gmail, my yahoo business account, and my Facebook account.  They set up a NEW email under which IS NOT, WAS NOT, and NEVER WILL be mine.  They imported all of my contacts from the accounts they broke into, and emailed all of my contacts with a fraudulent claim that I was stuck in the Phillipines and needed money to get home.  Similar to some found here: (HT: Leslie R.!)

I have regained control of my facebook, gmail, and yahoo business accounts.  If you get ANY email from it is NOT ME.  Please delete any correspondence.  Yahoo's fraud division will shut them down in a few days for impersonating me, but in the meantime, do not be fooled.

THANK YOU to everyone who texted and called and even stopped by yesterday to let me know what was happening!  I was very impressed.  :)  WE stopped the scam together thanks to you!  :) 

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