Monday, May 7, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

Alice was admitted to Texas Children's Hospital on Saturday night for severe dehydration.  She started having a fever and an awful one-two punch of diarrhea and vomiting on Thursday.  By Friday she was already in bad shape, so we took her into the pediatrician.  We were advised of the signs to watch for, and when they presented themselves on Saturday evening, it was off to the ER we went.  Alice and I have been here ever since.  Though her first urine test was negative, with all the yucky stools literally 14-16 times per day, Alice got a UTI infection on Sunday which didn't help her any.  She refused to nurse for 48 painful hours but is slowly latching on again now.  In the meantime, she was getting everything she needed by IV so she could safely battle this horrible illness.

The worst part of being away from home is that Lucy also is very sick and wants her Mommy too.  Lucy also started running a temperature on Thursday, but didn't have the same stomach symptoms.  Adam took her in on Monday, as her fever was upwards of 104 all weekend, and she tested positive for strep throat.  What a mess! 

I have to say that I have an ENORMOUS amount of respect for parents with chronically ill babies, as I haven't handled this week very well at all.  I am emotionally exhausted from worrying and watching my baby go through all of the pokes and tests.  The second night here (Sunday night) was the worst.  I have never felt so lonely and overwhelmed in my life... truly!  She was just so uncomfortable and screamed for 4 hours straight.  My parents came back into town so Adam could come be with us.  I had only slept for 30 minutes in two days, so I think my emotional breakdown stemmed from exhaustion.  Alice AND Mommy made a big turnaround when Daddy got here Monday.

Thank you to Grandma for bringing me goodies and company over the weekend, and to my friend Dee Dee for the chai and company.  I have no words for how welcome it was to see a friendly face and talk to someone for awhile in person who knows and loves us.  :)  All the love in the world to my parents for interrupting their plans to help us at the drop of the hat!  I really couldn't handle another day here alone with my sweet little sick baby.

As far as hospitals go, Texas Children's is wonderful.  I am so impressed by how loving and gentle the whole staff is, and how much they offer comfort to parent AND child.  I am so thankful for the care we've received so far.  Diarrhea in such a young baby is no joke... it takes SO much out of their tiny bodies and they go from "a little sick" to critical condition in 48 hours.  It is crazy.  I am so thankful for modern medicine, because in another place or time, Alice would not have made it.  My heart is full of gratitude for the people we have caring for her, and the people who have made discoveries in the medical field that turn this into an unpleasant memory at worst.  :)

I will update you all on her condition.  In the meantime, please pray for her continued recovery and for Lucy too!  I really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Oh Poor dear! I am glad she is getting the care she needs, and totally understand the emotional breakdown of having your baby in the hospital. Just having my fifth baby under the lights for bilirubin for five days was so emotionally draining for me. Try to rest while you can. ((hugs!))

P.S. My comment yesterday went in as "anonymous", so just in case today's does the same, it's me...Colleen @ Martin Family Moments!

Mama P said...

have you considered rotovirus? often if a baby has been vaccinated for something they no longer consider that as a possibility when trying to identify an illness, even when the symptoms present as that illness. Unfortunately sometimes the vaccine doesn't work and the child still contracts the illness...worth asking some pointed questions!

Lynnea said...

Thinking of you all & wishing everyone a speedy recovery.