Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Quick Catch-Up

My computer is still broken.  I'm starting to think I will never get a new one in working order.  I miss posting real photos... but for now, the camera phone pics will have to suffice.  I've been too busy to blog, and here is why:

 May 17: Took Alice back to the doctor to follow up on her kidney infection. Test results were good, and she has another appointment on June 1st.

May 18: Ben graduated from preschool. It was quite bittersweet.

May 19th: Bella was invited to a "Spa Day" for a friend's birthday.

May 20th: Bella had her first ballet recital, and it was absolutely everything I thought it would be and more. 

May 21st: Adam and I celebrated our 7th year anniversary of our Catholic Wedding Mass.

May 22nd: Lucy turned three years old, and there was a rather homely Peppa Pig cake that her Mama made with lots of love. 

May 23rd: Bella wrote her first knock-knock joke.
May 24th: My parents left for home (Tulsa) and I miss them already.

May 25th: We remembered the feast day of Sophie's patron saint and namesake, St. Madeleine Sophie of Barat. Lucy celebrated her birthday with her playgroup. Ben got a haircut.

May 26th:  I spent a lovely evening downtown with David Beckham.  Actually, that is my wordsmith-y way of saying that the whole family went to the Houston Dynamo vs LA Galaxy game.

And because this is my little family blog, I am sure I will eventually share the real photos of these events... and video too!  :) 

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