Saturday, May 12, 2012

Isabella's Thoughts on Her Mommy

At the Mommy's Makeover Day in Isabella's kindergarten class, we were presented with these bookmarks.  I loved mine! 
In case you can't see, it says:

My mom's name is Lerin.
She likes to play outside.
She is afraid of bats.
She is funny when we make jokes.
My mom is the greatest because she takes us to the mall.
I love you!

This sweet paper also melted my heart.  It says:

Mommy by Isabella

Pretty, Nice
Loving, Kissing, Hugging
She helps me and loves me.

Bella gave me a makeover, complete with nailpolish of the hottest, pinkest variety:

And the lipstick was just a little bit crooked:

But I truly felt beautiful, because I am Bella's Mommy and that is how she sees me!  :)

It was such a fun and special time together.  I am so glad I could go.  I never want to forget.

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