Tuesday, May 1, 2012

HACKED! A Cautionary Tale

No, I am not in the Phillipines.  I have not been robbed and I do not need money to get home.

Someone at the IP address (or by proxy) logged in to my gmail account at 2:33 PM CST today.  This same person signed up as lerin.wheeless@yahoo.com on yahoo today.  They stole all of my contacts from gmail, my yahoo business account, and my Facebook account.  They changed all of my security questions and alternate contact emails, shut down the "suispicious activity" warning emails, and I was only able to save my gmail and business account by using my mobile phone number.

I am currently locked out of Facebook, since my imposter deleted all my other email accounts from the system (even my NSU alumni address I signed up under in 2004!) and only has THEIR fake lerin.wheeless@yahoo.com email listed.  I don't know what to do to fix that but am currently frantically trying to find out.

I called yahoo support to tell them what had happened, but apparently they can't (or won't) help me, since I can't answer my imposter's security questions or the DOB they signed up with. I did report it as a fraudulent account, impersonating me.  That violates Yahoo's TOU, so eventually, they'll be shut down.  I have to fax them a copy of the emails and my Driver's License to prove it is not me.

Honestly, I always sorta thought that people who got hacked had a relatively easy password, or that they had the same passwords for everything.  Today proved me wrong!  I did everything right.  I have a different password for every account (which drives my husband crazy) and they are LONG and random.  It is not something anyone could ever guess.  So, this may be a product of that old virus on my hard drive, or a professional using a brute force program, or something else.  Who knows! 

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what's going on.  Surely you knew I wasn't travelling to the Phillipines with my baby.  And no, my emails are NOT perfect but I can speak English.  That email was awkward and not my "voice" at all.  Please delete and ignore.

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