Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 365 Catch Up

Catching up on my 365, finally.  :)  And no, I really don't know why some of my mobile photos areshowing up sideways, even though I "saved" them upright.  And I don't have time to figure it out right now... baby Alice will be hungry soon!  :)

013/365: At the doctor's office with my silly babies.

014/365: Timing contractions that turned out to be false labor

015/365: Ben, playing with cars

016/365: "But I don't want to clean up!"

017/365: Not the 'baby' anymore!

018/365: Alice's first kisses from Daddy

019/365: Peace and quiet

020/365: Alice's Birthday Cake!
 021/365: Chryshelle comes by to take photos

022/365: Bookworm

023/365: Alice's first modeling job

024/365: He loves her

025/365: Her last moments with her cord stump still attached

026/365: Naptime
 027/365: All smiles!

028/365: She wants to eat cereal for every. single. meal.

029/365: Socks Rock!

030/365: Riding her pony... er... unicorn
 031/365: My biggest and littlest


Leigh said...

What awesome photos. And I love the 'Hungry Caterpiller' photo!

thetysonfamily said...

HAHAHAHA.......... I LOVE BELLA'S I WANT CEREAL FACE!!!!!!!!! In fact, I would love a copy of that pic. Does that remind you of the girl who always wanted hamburger meat?! ;)