Monday, January 9, 2012

Wicked Weather (009/365)

It hit me over the weekend... I had given away almost all of my newborn clothing, and didn't have anything for our new baby! I decided that I would go shopping at my favorite resale shop in the area... Once Upon A Child. It is a long drive from where we are now, but so worth it. I don't need a whole new wardrobe as I have mommies standing by ready to donate their own baby's clothes to us once we know what we have, but I did want to buy some newborn onesies. My mom kept Lucy for me, and I thought I would drop off Ben and have some time to shop... alone. That never happens, so it would be quite a treat for me. :)

When I left the house to take Ben to preschool, it was pouring rain. I didn't think a whole lot about it until I tried to exit the highway, and there was flash flooding. It was CRAZY! Cars were stranded everywhere under the overpass, and I very carefully backed up and narrowly escaped the standing water up to the other vehicle's doors! Then I turned on the radio, but there was no traffic/weather updates to be found. Ben was very disappointed to be going home, so I thought about stopping at the mall instead of driving all the way to Once Upon a Child later. He loves the carousel, and there are lots of fun things to do there besides. He perked up after that.

As I was pulling into the mall parking lot, Adam called me and told me that there was a tornado warning in the area, and a funnel cloud was forming just 2 miles from where I was! We of course headed home, but on the way, I seriously saw a funnel cloud off to the left. I was SO afraid it would touch down and I couldn't tell how close it was to us. There would be nowhere to go with the pouring rain. Being very pregnant, I started bawling on the phone. I made it back in five minutes, but those were a scary five minutes for sure!

Needless to say... preschool, the mall, and shopping resale were out of the question in the morning!

By about 2:30 in the afternoon, the waters had receded, the rain stopped, and all was well. Shopping definitely helped me get over the awful morning. :)

For the first three months of their lives, my babies are usually in onesies with a swaddling blanket, and possibly a cap if their little heads are cold. Onesies at Once Upon a Child are $1 per short-sleeved one and $1.50 per long-sleeved. Many of them still have the NEW tags attached! I totally scored. :) I bought about 15 onesies for each gender, and will either take back or donate the ones we don't end up using.

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