Thursday, January 12, 2012

Little Lulu (012/365)

Thursday was Lucy's shooting day.

With Lucy Cate, I usually only have 5 minutes (no kidding) before she is DONE.  She is very enthusiastic and happy to pose for the camera for the first 30 seconds.  After that, it is one marshmellow per frame until she runs off... usually at five minutes, when her tummy is full.

One of my photographer friends who does boutique modeling with her own little girl gave me the idea of playing her favorite song, and then when the song is over, modeling is over for the day.  It sounded like a plan, and yes... she had tons of fun!  Unfortunately, she was dancing and spinning so much I couldn't get a decent product shot.  HA!  So it was a wash, until I got her later in the day with my normal sugar bribery. I'm armed with mini marshmellows for the shoot itself, and mini chocolate morsels for a treat when we are all done. Since she only "shoots" once or twice a week, I have no problem using sugar to bribe her for good photos. 

Yes, I have tons of photos where she is smiling.  But this one is my favorite.  "Lucy in the Sky" had just ended, and I told her to hold on a second before I turned it on again.  :)

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