Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heart Breaker (011/365)

Another day, another boutique modeling shoot.  I am trying rather frantically to get everything done before baby comes.  Adam thinks I am crazy and that I am wearing myself out (and I am!) but it will take a lot of stress off of me to get these things done. 

Not naming any specifics, but I had my very first, very BAD interaction with a boutique this week.  It is so, so bad.  I have never had a boutique be anything less than thrilled and appreciative of the work I do, and it stung especially because it was UNPAID for a FRIEND.  Or what I considered to be a friend!

After this disaster, Adam makes me repeat almost every day now... these people are NOT your friends.  Even if you meet them in person and chat with them for hours at the park... they are contacting you for a service, and even if you've known them for a year... they are a client and not a friend.  I told the person that I need her to stop contacting me, and further contact will be considered harassment.  I have an image rights lawyer, international copyright law, my editor, and my professional photography community on my side.  It is hurtful, but in four years of doing this... this is my first truly bad apple.  So I suppose in the end, those are rather good odds.  :)

Adam wants me to quit all photography altogether, but I am not ready for that yet.  I do so love it.  I just need to find a better balance going forward.  I've already done really well at balancing my time on this sometimes-paid hobby, but now I need to remember to balance my emotions too.  BOUNDARIES, people.  Good fences make good neighbors, no?  :)

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