Tuesday, January 3, 2012

37 Weeks (003/365)

Lucy decided at the last minute that she wanted to come with Mommy to the doctor instead of staying with our best neighbor ever, Miss Gina.  She fell asleep on the way home, and since it was a beautiful day, I just rolled down the windows and let her nap there.  Of course we stayed outside, and the three big kids got to enjoy some pretty January weather.

I had my follow-up ultrasound today.  The baby is no longer in breech position, but is now transverse.  My OB is against trying an ECV (manually turning baby) with a transverse little one, saying that there is usually a reason why baby is in that position and it isn't worth the risk.  We are NOT scheduling a c-section at this point.  Instead,, we will be patiently waiting as long as we possibly can safely, to see if baby will turn on his/her own.

Baby's head in on my left, back is right under my breasts, bottom and feet on the right side.  I've been doing all of the rocking, stretching, and crawling I can bear.  If baby is still transverse next week at my 38 weeks, I will visit a chiropractor in hopes that the Webster technique will help the baby move.  The Webster technique relaxes your uterus... but, the problem may very well be that mine is TOO relaxed, having had four babies already and more fluid than necessary!

What we specifically need prayer for is that my water will NOT break.  Baby has nothing in the way to block its cord from prolapsing if my water breaks, and that can be fatal.  As much as I don't want one, I have gotten to the point where a c-section doesn't sound so bad.  A cord prolapse... man, that is much scarier!  However our baby arrives SAFELY is fine by me.  :)

My parents are back with us, and will be staying until baby comes and a couple of weeks beyond!  I am so happy!  I feel so much more comfortable having help during the day, just in case.  :)


Aimee said...

Just a hopeful note for you - my last 3 babies were all breech until after 37 weeks and flipped on their own. One of them went from breech to transverse to head down, the other two flipped from full breech to head down. Twice I was actually in the hospital ready for my doctor to try an ECV when we saw that the baby had flipped on her own. I was considered a favorable ECV candidate since they were not my first babies and I had a very stretchy uterus with plenty of fluid (which was probably what caused them to be breech for so long anyway!) Just keep taking it easy, and if you want, try lying on your back with your pelvis elevated by a few pillows for as long as you can stand it a couple times a day. It's a recommended position for trying to get breech babies to flip, and I did it for 2 of the babies. I think it really did help out.
Hang in there! :)

Annie Bizzi said...

Another word of experience...my sixth child was transverse up until the moment of induction when my doctor did the manual turn and she stayed for a minute and then began her way back to her comfty spot. I was forced to lie on my side to prevent her from flipping for about 2 hours. Once the pitocin kicked in and contractions started, she stayed head down. My doctor monitored her heart rate after turning her so we were sure everything was safe--I much preferred this to a c-section--recovery time was hugely different!

Annie Bizzi said...

Doctor performed ECV on my sixth birth (transverse) at the moment of induction. I had to lie on my side and hold the baby so she wouldn't flip back to her favorite spot. Once Pitocin kicked in, the contractions held her in place and she was fine. I was wearing the baby monitor the whole time and knew her heart rate was steady...just a word of experience with this. As an experienced mom, I think you shouldn't worry about position until labor...things change so much with each birth...a miracle regardless...