Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Happy, Because...

I love lists. So today, I'm going to make one.

I'm happy because...

1. I have a wonderful, wonderful husband. He has helped me keep this house running while struggling through our fifth pregnancy. He makes me a better person by reminding me to love more, forgive freely and regret less.

2. That wonderful husband of mine does NOT have cancer. Yes, we were quite terrified for a few weeks, but we can breathe a sigh of relief now and focus on the much less scary health issues that can be changed with a healthier lifestyle.

3. I listened to my heart, and took Lucy out of preschool. I'll tell you the whole long story in person if you want to hear it, but on the blog... suffice to say, she wasn't ready. And I'm not either.

4. Sophie, Bella & Ben are doing great in school. They all have caring, loving, and patient teachers who clearly enjoy children. I love to hear their stories from their day. While there is always a part of me that will ache for our homeschooling days, I truly believe that this is the best choice for our family.

5. I am going on a hiatus of undetermined length from professional photography. This is a HUGE relief and also, a huge fear. Right now, the choice is easy. My health simply will not allow me to do it. Once baby arrives, it will be harder because it will still be a conscious choice I have to make for my family. Money concerns worry me sick. But, I have faith that we will all pull together to do what needs doing for the sake of our FIVE babies. We have a lot of help, and prayers, and love constantly coming our way.

6. My Facebook prop sale went so well that I was able to raise all of the money I needed to pay my photographer friend Chyrshelle to take over my Fall/Holiday calendar for me. I gave refunds to those who asked. My business account is empty, but my family's personal accounts & savings are untouched. That is a HUGE stressor off of my shoulders.

7. While life is certainly never easy, it is very very very good.

There are some things I am struggling with that I would love to talk about here in effort to reach out to friends and prayerful bloggers to help me through. I don't have time today, because I've got to make a much-needed trip to the post office and Lucy is waking up. But I will be back when I can! In the meantime, thank you for being my friends.