Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our First (just-us-at-home) Thanksgiving

Did you catch Lucy's face reflected in the oven?  She looks so happy!  ;)

When I first realized we would be "home alone" on Thanksgiving for the very first time, I was truly sad.  I thought about how unfair it is that I can't travel right now, and thought the holiday would seem quiet and lonely without being surrounded in our massive crowd of parents, siblings & nieces/nephews. 

And then, the day came and it was perfect.  It was anything BUT quiet and lonely with my four little hooligans running around, Adam cooking an entire Thanksgiving spread from scratch, and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We stuffed ourselves silly and everyone dozed on and off while we watched Christmas movies and made ornaments.  It was absolutely perfect.

Thanksgiving isn't a religious holiday where we have to plan around services.  There are not a million things on the to-do list.  There's no shopping except the grocery store.  ;)  It was just a simple celebration of loving our family and basking in the glow of our blessings.

It was perfect!

And the funny of the day... Ben was rather enchanted watching the cheerleaders on TV during the parade.  Adam and I were laughing when we noticed.  Finally, he turns and says, "My favorite is the one with the yellow hair."

Oh boy.  We have a boy.

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