Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One Week Post-Op

Today, I am 30 weeks pregnant. I am also one week post-op. It's just been a really crazy pregnancy.

I've nicknamed this baby "Boosey." Rhymes with Lucy. As in, the CABOOSE-y. It makes me really sad to talk about ,but I am 100% sure that this is our last pregnancy. This has been the most difficult 30 weeks in my life thus far, with complication after complication... just think my body can't handle another pregnancy.

The good news is, I have FIVE beautiful precious perfect children already, and I am lacking nothing. More good news... I'm only 30. So in about 10 years, Adam and I will no longer have "little" children, but will still be young enough to take on our ultimate dream... foster-to-adopting a child or two out of the system and into a forever family.

It feels a lot better to focus on that part. That's the happy part! :)

For now, I am still healing from the appendectomy. I am very sore still, like I've done a million crunches and then possibly been punched in the stomach a few times. I haven't really felt hungry since the surgery, and am still having phantom pains in my side. I spend most of my days sleeping, and my nights awake & lonely. It's hard for me to NOT pick up my children, to not drive, to not be very helpful around the house. I am ready for this modified bedrest to be over, and let me have a few more weeks of normalcy before sweet baby arrives.

I don't have a lot to say, just want to update you on my general progress. I miss blogging.

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