Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

(This is what her hair looks like every morning before we spray it down with the water bottle and use her frizz-fighting creme.)

Lucy is growing up, and she understands so much more than I think she does!

When we had our appointment at Texas Children's Hospital to cut off her cast, I was warned that the noise is very loud and most children will cry. Lucy kicked, cried, and screamed getting it put on (two weeks after the initial break and soft cast) so I was expecting the worst. About a week before, I started practicing with her. I felt a little silly, but thought it certainly couldn't hurt to try.

I had her sit on the coffee table and used a little pretend tool, and mimicked cutting it off. I made really loud noises, saying: "Now I am going to cut off your cast. BRRRR! REALLY LOUD! All done. It's off!" I did this over and over with her, and she thought of it like a game.

When we finally had the appointment, I talked her through it just as we had played. When the saw came on and the noise started, I said: "BRRRRR! REALLY LOUD!" just like at home. She didn't cry or try to pull away at all. Once they opened it up ad took it off, she said, "All done." I knew then that she remembered our game and had made the connection.

We are practicing for something huge, this week.

Lucy is going to preschool for the very first time. She will be in a two-day program for three hours at a time at first, then once Ben starts in September, she will stay through lunch and nap too.

We've been talking and practicing, and she asks "More prackiss" about fifty times a day. ;) I walk her to the office room door and say, "Bye, Lucy! Have fun at school!" At first, she would say, "I cwy." Now she says, "Bye Mommy!" Then I come back and say, "Lucy, I'm back! Let's go home!" as she runs to my waiting arms.

She is going to have so much fun. She loves playing with other children her age. They do art projects, messy sensory fun, outdoor play, and story time every day. I can't wait to give her these fun and special experiences. Sophie started two-day preschool at 2 as well, but both Ben and Bella waited until they were 3. I hope she is ready! We just stopped nursing this month, and that was the only thing that I thought may be rough about preschool for her. Now, we've made that transition and I think she is ready to play.

My hope is that her first day goes off just as we practiced. I will let you know tomorrow.


Pat said...

Oh My Goodness! Pre-school already? I remember counting the days until she was born. This will give you added time to rest before the birth. This will give her added practice of being a 'big girl' and not the baby, so when baby arrives, she will be ready. You are such a smart mama!

Jen said...

Best wishes! We just decided to put Cade in preschool two days a week, also (he turned 2 in April). It doesn't start til September, but I'm already a basketcase every time I think about it. I'm sure he'll be fine, and Lucy will, too. It's just us mamas who have a hard time :)