Monday, August 15, 2011

How It's Going

We tried again on Friday to take Lucy to school for an hour, and she cried through the first twenty minutes. When I came to get her, she was doing just fine! She was sitting at a table eating some cereal for snack time.

As part of the continuing effort to ease her in, we took her again this morning for an hour, and she cried for ten minutes. When I came to get her, she was sitting in her teacher's lap as happy as could be.

I will try her for a few hours tomorrow to see if it works, but told her teachers to call me if she started crying again. I will be sticking close by so I can come get her as soon as she needs me.

Lucy likes to TALK about preschool... but it's when I leave that the fear sets in. I hate it! I know she is getting used to it, but I am definitely questioning whether it is the right time to start her. I'll let her go at least this week, and then we'll see what happens. I know she is fine after awhile, but that SAD heartbroken face when I leave is too much for this Mommy's heart! I told Adam I can't bear it much more. It makes ME cry too! It sure is reassuring to see her smiling and playing when I come to get her though. :)

In other news, we are running around like crazy people trying to get all of our errands and shopping and appointments and paperwork done before school starts on Monday. I have been down and out for so long, that it is a nightmare trying to play catch-up at this point. The lines are long with fellow last-minute mommies. It will be different next year... I'm determined! ;)

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H said...

You are absolutely right in not forcing her into anything she's not ready for. But, seeing how happy she is playing, maybe she just needs a little more "prackiss" (lol) as reassurance that you're not going away forever? She might just be having some separation anxiety...fairly reasonable considering she's barely left your side since her birth! She probably wants to play and have fun as much as you do - she just doesn't really have much history yet to remember that yes, you WILL come back! She seems to be adjusting well...maybe she just needs more time. Hope the rest of the week keeps improving. xoxoxo