Monday, August 1, 2011

All you need is LOVE... in ACTION!

All you need is love.  But that love should motivate you to ACTION.  Love without action, like faith without works, is not worth a whole lot.

In my previous post, I urged my followers to donate to UNICEF by text to help relieve suffering in East Africa due to the famine.  Eleven MILLION people are affected by the famine... it is a staggering number.

After reading so many heart-wrenching accounts and seeing photos from the BBC news, I couldn't help but respond to one person's call to donate to UNICEF.  However, I jumped right in and donated without doing any fact-checking and then urged you to do the same.  For that, I am sorry.

As a Catholic, I cannot donate my money to charities that promote abortion.  I was directed to a few informative webpages this morning.  The official position of UNICEF is that they have not and do not promote abortion, stated clearly here.   But then there are some documented discrepancies with that position found many places, such as this one.   In fact, the Vatican defunded UNICEF in 1996 because of it.

This is just to say, please do your reseach when deciding where to donate.  Don't jump in based on your emotional response to a crisis or based on your favorite blogger's plea.  ;)  Instead, take a bit of time and really make a wise decision about which charities you are comfortable supporting.

I'd like to direct you to Catholic Relief Services today.  They too are doing important work all over the world, and their policies align with my Catholic faith.  You can even click this link to donate directly to their emergency fund for East Africa.

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jerseygirlmama said...

I knew I had heard/read something about UNICEF and abortion, but I couldn't remember where and was lacking time to look them up yesterday, so I didn't send any messages ;). We all do the best we can and sometimes we do get caught up in something for whatever reason. The important thing is we learn from it :). I hope your HG goes away for good. I know my struggle with it was one that I hope never to repeat :) Much love Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge