Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Catching Up Post: 024-032/365

These images truly express this last week. We've had sick kids, then nice weather, then more sick kids. So here, without any fancy bloggery or templates...

First, the best cake smash photo in the history of ever. :)

Next, we had another sick day. Even Adam had to stay home from work. Sophie and Adam were quarantined to the Man Room to watch TV and keep their germs away from the rest of us. ;)

And then, it was Bella's turn.

As if round one wasn't bad enough, the tummy bug hit her on day two. She had her first taste of 7Up, the medicine of choice for sickies. Or at least, that's what my mom gave me.

Once she was well (for a few days, anyway) Lucy was happy to finally get outside and play!

On the 29th, I did some Mini-Sessions for Valentine's Day. While I'm not sure her Mom will appreciate this as much as I do... well... this made me laugh out loud in post-processing. ;)

On Sunday, only Adam and Sophie went to Mass with my brother, who was in town. Ben got to paint!

Monday was the last day of January, already. I was thrilled to get my first package from The Girly Tutu, a fabulous Etsy vendor. I threw Lulu in the car as fast as I could and we took 10 minutes worth of photos at Heritage Park before the cold weather rolled in. I love this picture so much I want to cry when I see it for joy at the beauty of my baby!

On February 1st, I forgot to snap a photo during the day. Instead, I photographed Ben as he was VERY UNHAPPILY in his bed. Bedtime is always such a huge disappointment for my babies. They never want the fun to end.

Today, Lucy's fever spiked again. We had an appointment to review her bloodwork and are happy to say she is NOT immunodeficient! But, we have a lot of test results to wait for. I'm hopeful that she will get better soon. I hate it that my family is always sick, but Lucy gets the worst of it.

The only thing that makes her feel better? Yo Gabba Gabba videos.


Good Timing said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!! There has been a lot of sickness. Sending love and prayers. xo

Milehimama @ Mama Says said...

My husband's mom gave him 7-UP too and that's his sickie comfort food. That and chicken and stars canned soup!

Ashley said...

Poor baby! Love the pics, as always!

molly said...

i know this is totally off the subject of your post, but did you make that tutu?? it is adorable!! do you mind sharing how you made it? i love your blog by the way.'ve been reading for 6 months or so and your family is an inspiration for me. :)