Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Slap-(un)Happy: 004/365

We had Fifth Disease make its way through the family.  First, it hit Lucy.  Then I had the most severe joint pain and fever for a week.  Once I got well, Sophie was next.  Yesterday, Ben finally showed the now-infamous rash in our home.  His cheeks are very hot and uncomfortable.

Bella and Ben are supposed to start preschool on Thursday.  While it is NOT contagious once the rash breaks out (as long as the fever is gone) I am afraid that the school won't want him to come.  I hope it clears up quickly.

Poor baby... he looks so unhappy!  He was afraid that taking his picture would hurt his cheeks.  :(


Valerie said...

Hi Lerin.

Glad to hear that everyone is surviving Fifths Disease! I contracted that during my first year of teaching...and and you aren't kidding about the joint pain!

Did you know that the symptoms are worse in adults than the littles?

I felt bad b/c Benjamin got it this Fall, but I didn't put two and two together until I read a Preschool Newsletter explaining that Fifths Disease was making the rounds in the classrooms.

oh...so that's why he had bright red cheeks for a week! :)

Blessings and Happy New Year,

Happily Ever After said...


This strikes a very painful chord of memory. The raw cheeks, the cruel nasty burning rash, that achy achy achy feeling. Big hugs to you all! Hope you feel better soon.