Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm in love with her. Well more accurately, I'm in love with her documentary-style family portraiture. Molly Flanagan is hosting a contest this week. Sadly, I was not a finalist... but she did inspire me to try something new and to host a little giveaway of my own. You should go check out her page and cast a vote too!

One of the main reasons that I love birth photography so very much is... it's REAL. It is real, raw, beautiful life. It is unposed. It tells a story. It captures the mundane details as well as a life-changing moment.

It is absolutely addictive for me!

What if I could apply that same style to a family session? Rather than directing the photo shoot and making your children laugh at me with my silly noises, I could become a fly on the wall. You would see your home, your life, through MY lens. Wouldn't that be an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

I'd love to try it out, myself. Would you? How about a GIVEAWAY?

THINK OUTSIDE of the STUDIO. Remember my ad tagline: "NO STUDIOS. This is real life, captured beautifully!" If you'd like to see YOUR life captured beautifully, and you live in Katy, Houston, or Tulsa, then this giveaway is for you.

Email me at and tell me about your life and your family. Tell me about a typical day in your life. What kinds of things would you like to have documented for all time? What about your life makes you smile... makes you laugh... frustrates you... makes you cry? How did you and your spouse (if applicable) fall in love? What are your children like? What do you want to remember about this stage in their lives? Attach a photo of your family with YOU in the photo that I am permitted to use online. Be sure to include your names, address, and two phone numbers. And this is VERY important: Tell me who sent you! :)

I will begin taking entries right now! You have until February 3rd at 11:59 PM to send me your photo and written entry. On Monday, February 7th, I will announce our finalists right here on the blog. And knowing me, on Facebook too. ;) I will then leave the decision up to the public, just as I did with our "Best Giveaway Ever!" promotion. So be sure that you have permission to submit your photo to me to use on the webpage, and be aware that I will share your words!

CONTEST IS OPEN TO ANY FAMILY! Whether I have photographed you twelve times or never. To make it more exciting... past/current clients need to convince your friends to enter. Whoever persuades the most friends to enter wins an IDENTICAL documentary-style photography package! So please be sure that they tell me it was YOU who sent them. :)

Houston/Katy winners will have their session in April or May 2011. If the winner is from Tulsa, it will take place between June and August 2011.

Winning families will need to sign a Model Release form so that I may use their images on my webpages. They will receive a 3-4 hour documentary-style family session in their home with a custom-designed album of photographer-selected images AND a CD with print release up to 4x6.

Ready, set, GO!!!

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Blair said...

What a great idea! You know I'll be sharing this :)