Friday, January 7, 2011

FIRST DAY of PRE-K! 006/365

My monkeys in the middle went to preschool today.

When I dropped Bella off, she waltzed right in without a backward glance. Her teacher raved about how smart, cooperative, and friendly she is.

When I dropped Ben off, the first thing he did is tell the director, "I remember you. I was going to write you a letter that says I love you." Then he flashed his most winning smile. Ladies man, indeed! He was very excited all morning, until he realized that I was going to really really leave. He looked a little distraught and got quiet... he looked like such a round-faced, sweet little baby in that moment that I wanted to cry!! But then we started talking about his snack, and he was okay.

When I picked him up, he was all smiles. I'll never forget the cute "MOOOOOMMMMMMY!" outburst, with a full on run and jump into my arms. He said he wants to go to school again next week. How wonderful for all of us. :)

In the meantime, Lucycake hosted a toddler playdate. I absolutely LOVE the little playgroup of toddler baby girls we've put together. It was so nice to talk to some of my favorite mommies in town and watch our babies play. It helped keep my mind off of missing my monkeys!

I don't think the first day of preschool could possibly have gone any better. I guess they were both ready, after all. But was I ready? That is yet to be determined. ;)


Jenn said...

I can't believe that's Bella! How did she get so tall?! I am loving your 365!

Sarah said...

Way to go Ben and Bella!! So glad to hear that all went well.
Batman, you still make me smile! I love all of the Batman school gear...cute. :)

Mum2eight said...

That is great that they did so well. I have found that I get more emotional about leaving my children than they do.