Thursday, January 13, 2011

011/365: I Don't Like Tacos... oh wait, I Do Like Tacos.

Ben would live on dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and ketchup alone if we let him. Or probably even just ketchup.

This is my poor baby boy upon being informed that we were having chicken tacos for dinner. He cried for a good thirty minutes, and then took a bite and declared that he LOVES them.

This is the third time that this scene has unfolded, exactly. With tacos, too. Do you think he forgets he likes them? Or maybe he's just cranky. ;)


Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

Depending on how often you serve tacos he may be forgetting he likes them. And if you have had both "hamburger tacos" and "chicken tacos" there could be confusion there too! Joey, my son who is Ben's age and would survive on jam alone if allowed to (they are quite the pair!), has never had chicken tacos although I just found Old El Paso's kit so they are in his future. He is the world's pickiest eater but now he asks me if I tell him we are having tacos hamburger tacos mama? or spaghetti tacos (which for anyone whose never seen iCarly or heard of them are EXACTLY what they sound like, boil noodles, bathe them in marinara, cut up meatballs on top and sprinkled with parmesan cheese in hard taco shell--stand and stuff ones are the easiest)? lol And come lent this year he is going to try fish tacos too!

Ashley said...

Westen says he doesn't like stuff ALL the time just from hearing or seeing it. He actually likes most of it once he tries it, though! Poor Ben! :)

Happily Ever After said...

It's because he's Ben. ;)

Aubrey said...

Is he three? That sounds like my three year old.