Wednesday, January 12, 2011

008/365, 009/365 & 010/365

Here are two shots of my darling Bella, helping me test my settings.  She came with me on a commercial infant shoot and helped keep everyone smiling.  Isn't she a doll? 

Day 009/365:

I spent most of the day at the Bridal Exposition in Houston on Sunday with Denise (the beautiful dark-haired Sofia's mom, the little girl all over my portfolio!) and securing an arrangement with Hidden Oaks Bed & Breakfast in Houston to be their official wedding photographer.  I am still amazed at the way God puts certain events into place.  Their family needs me and an opportunity dropped in my lap JUST as I had a problem I needed to solve.  It is definitely a win-win situation.  My head is still spinning!

I also got so many wonderful ideas and vendor cards for Adam's and my 10 Year Vow Renewal.  Yes, it is 3.5 years away... but I plan to throw one heckuva party.  :) 

Day 010/365:

I was very tired and overwhelmed this day.  Monday, I started my personal training with M at the YMCA again.  It was good to sweat out my stress!  Do you want to know the very long story?

Here we go...

I've somehow made an enemy in Houston with my boudoir venture.  I had to change my domain name and branding... and I moved fast, picking something new and running with it to avoid confusion with another local boudoir operation.  However, a friend of that local photographer decided to make life miserable for me by contacting a CA photographer with the same name as my NEW idea.  (Still following?)  Just one hour after I posted the new name, the "tattle tale" contacted the photographer in CA and my phone rang beginning at 8 AM and didn't stop.  My facebook fan page blew up with angry posts about "copying" and my email box was full.  I did have both the law and the professional photography community behind me, but in the end... I changed yet again.

I've never in my professional career dealt with such nastiness from anyone, especially another photographer.  I am still in shock with how things happened.  I had to threaten legal action just to be left alone.  It was horrible... false accusations were flying about me and my intentions, even about my logo design.  By the end of the day, I was emotionally and physically exhausted. 

I've learned a lot from this who yucky business: 
  1. Domain name registration and webpage hosting are two separate things. 
  2. The internet makes it a very small world.
  3. I have rabidly loyal fans and a pretty decent international following. (!!!)
  4. Working out stress at the gym feels much better than stuffing my feelings down with cookies.
  5. Remaining professional, kind, and respectful is the best way to come out on top.
In the end, I've ended up with a 100% better name that is both cohesive with my branding AND has a much more high-end feel.  I've also been surrounded by love and support from my family, friends, clients and other photographers near and far.

I even got to have a little wine and whine session with the fabulous Chryshelle Spurgeon.  She's at Imaging USA right now, and I'm wishing I were too!

Now, I've got catching up to do at work... got to take advantage of bedtimes!  I will catch this up the rest of the way tomorrow.  :)


Happily Ever After said...

Huge hugs, my dear. It's a tough world out there and we are reminded of that constantly. But your family and friends have your back and know the REAL YOU - and know that you have not a spiteful, vengeful bone in your body. If someone chooses to think otherwise, it's sad what they are missing out on. xoxoxo

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Bella is SOOOOO beautiful!! She should be a model. Oh wait, she is. :)

I am so sorry about the name issue. Some people can be SO nasty. And as if they were the only ones in history to use those words together. So frustrating, and I'm so sorry. Glad you rose above and were the better person.

♥ Amber